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      RCA P-200解像度测试卡

      品牌:DNP/Sine Image

    RCA P-200解像度测试卡简介


    1.Radio Corporation of America(RCA) proposed to define resolution by three parameters, effective amplitude response,asymmetry postulate and MTF index, with measuring the shape of resolution aperture of pick up tube.

    为了得到MTF指数K值设定的斜条纹相当于28~1500TV  MTF。

    2.This chart consists of sloped fringes to find MTF index ‘K’ and sloped fringes to find resolution aperture. 
    The sloped fringes to find MTF index ‘K’ are equivalent to fringes of 28 to 1500TV MTF.

    • 交货快——定制测试卡1-3天可以出货
    • 工艺精——激光高清扫描工艺
    • 材料好——透射材料用进口菲林,玻璃用光学无杂质匀光玻璃,反射材料用进口照相纸、耐水、耐磨,20年不褪色
    • 品控严——线条均匀性用精密光学仪器检测,OD和彩色用爱色丽密度仪和色差仪检测

    We have the advantage of
    Fast delivery, custom test card 1-3 days can delivery
    Process fine - laser hd scanning process
    Material - transmission with imported film, glass optical without impurities and light glass, reflective materials with imported photographic paper, water resistance, abrasion resistance, 20 years do not fade
    Qc strict uniformity precision optical instruments for testing - lines, OD and color with love color density meter and color difference meter testing